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Ideas of Equilibrium in Chaos

posted Oct 17, 2012, 12:01 AM by Golden Knight
By Josh Fredette 

 Advocates for social justice are motivated by many passions and opinions that differ greatly on many levels. Much like the term, "fairness" the word "social justice" conveys different and unique images for everyone. What might seem morally and politically just to one individual may seem completely outrageous to the other. Despite its ambiguous nature, this term does have its purpose. It shows society the common goals that different political sides may desire. We may argue what social justice is, but we do not argue the need for a just society.

    Two groups of politicians will think of unique scenarios and various ways of fixing society when presented with the word "social justice." What can be certainly gained from this is the middle-ground of ideas and doctrines that each side may share. For example, some libertarians may want society to be independent of any rulers or supreme commanders. Similarly, some conservatives, although not as radical as libertarian views, may want less power to rest in the hands of the government. From this we can take the less extreme of the two opinions in an attempt to make everyone happy. The result being less power to government officials and more in the people, less censorship of the press and media and more freedom in expression. Possibly, if we are really lucky, the news will even become objective one day.

    Most importantly, the social justice gets the average individual thinking. The term helps foster critical thinking and assists in the opening of the mind and the reflection of the heart. The questions that can be asked through the term help society decide what decisions will help make everyone content and what will help us evolve our own scattered society. Unfortunately, however, the concept of social justice seems impossible in a world when we cannot even agree on what the term precisely means! How can society attain equilibrium in a world that cannot decide what equilibrium is?