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Doing and Not Avoiding

posted Oct 16, 2012, 11:55 PM by Golden Knight   [ updated Oct 16, 2012, 11:56 PM ]

By Josh Fredette 

      We live in a world of mediocrity;  few speak out and the ones who do fail to inspire the ones hearing their words to spread the same spur to others. We, the “normal” ones, find ourselves saying we will do things tomorrow or “later”. The goals we find ourselves yearning to accomplish are ignored and left to rust. I've found myself saying phrases similar to these:

      "Maybe I'll start that daily meditation exercise tomorrow."

      "I've always wanted to start doing [insert hobby here], but I doubt I'll have the time."

      "I really want to write a novel, I'm not really feeling up to it, and really I'm young and . . ."

      I think these what-if's and constant questioning of one's ability are what keeps us from unlocking our full potential. We get tangled in a world where we do not suspect that we can make a difference or major impact even on our own lives, when, in reality, we can affect many people in positive ways. In essence, a world where laziness reigns king while productivity of the mind and body is hindered.

Simple solutions to self-imposed  problems of laziness: 

1. Listen to music that gets you active and  inspires you to do something. Make a playlist full of music that truly speaks to you and encourages you to be that individual that DOES things that he wants to do.

2. Take many deep breaths. You. Are. Alive. You are incredibly unique, your doubts and fears are simply obstacles to overcome to strengthen you. Wake up and realize your potential. Take a moment of meditation to truly acknowledge all the opportunities in your life. The ones you and others have created.

3. Become more organized and take advantage of time. Clean your living-space, make a list, get supplies. Just get  the correct environment that supports a lifestyle of inspired productivity. 


      Whatever it is you want to do, the new activity or idea that will improve yourself, put it into action right now! We have so many chances to positively change ourselves, so many moments to use, yet we turn our blindsides to them. We are alive, but sometimes we tend to drift into a slumber.

      "What do you mean, slumber?" Consciousness. The way you live and perceive reality. The analysis of each moment, the appreciation of mundane things, a new attitude towards existing, a new outlook that will make each moment a breath of fresh air. A fully conscious person will take advantage of moments of inspiration and will use them to be the person they set out to be. 

      Do you like drawing? Start drawing, many artists I love, (and partially for this reason) were the 'I can't draw stick-figures' guys. Maybe you'd like to get into a new routine of things but you feel laziness overcome the better side of you, the productive and willing side. Put pen to paper, fingertips to keyboards, ears to music. Whatever you must DO; do it. There is only one decision to make, but infinite possibilities and magnificent results that can come from it. The brand Nike has become so popular and overused we do not realize how meaningful their motto is, “Just do it.”

     It is there in you and it does not matter how long you have  been putting it off. Every second and every breath is a new chance to do what you want to do and to inspire others around you to accomplish the same lifestyle with a driven attitude. The productivity comes out in many ways; we have seen it and constantly continue to. We all have talents for particular things.

      But the real challenge is to harness this attitude and to make it a daily part of you. This attitude is something powerful that drives us to accomplish the goals we have always put off. Make it a habit, throw out the old and replace it with the new and improved you. Always be improving, always be developing good habits. In turn, this will inspire others to do the same, and a mind blowing cascade will erupt, a cascade that can collectively effect hundreds of people.

     So, you've read this and now what? Whatever action, hobby, or habit you've wanted to start (the one you've avoided without good reason), whatever thought that stemmed from this writing, now is the time to do it. . . it always has been!