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posted Mar 25, 2011, 10:55 PM by Golden Knight

Photo Courtesy: Life Magazine

The Dallas-Fort Worth area was hit with some of its worst weather in recent memory as it prepared to host the Super Bowl at Cowboy Stadium (located in Arlington). The weather got so dangerous that ice falling off the roof of the stadium injured six spectators and seriously hurt a cameraman. Game conditions weren’t expected to be a factor as the stadium was planned to have a closed roof for the game, but the frosty temperatures made it difficult for fans to get to Arlington from Fort Worth.

The snowstorms cleared up by Sunday morning, but the stadium was hit with another issue. In an attempt to increase the size of the stadium and challenge the Super Bowl attendance record, the Cowboys installed temporary seating into Jerryworld seemingly hanging from the rafters in the nosebleed section. The NFL deemed the seats too dangerous for fans and forced the stadium officials to offer a refund or a re-location of the fans. I can’t imagine anyone would turn down the chance to be at the Super Bowl, but I also can’t imagine they were relocated to an empty seat anywhere in the building. A few hundred fans were forced to enjoy the game on their feet. Ouch.

Christina Aguilera had a pretty tough 2010 but had a chance to start off 2011 with a bang by singing the national anthem. I love Christina to death, but her rendition was pretty pitiful. She forgot the lyrics and repeated the second to last line in the first verse to fill the gap, but she doesn’t even have the excuse of being Canadian like Celine Dion when she screwed up. Throw in some dreadful runs and a flat ending and you have one of the worst starts to the Super Bowl in years.