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Opinion: Comments Made After Serra Game Embarrassing

posted Mar 25, 2011, 10:28 PM by Golden Knight

By Christian Romo


On October 17th, the Los Angeles Times published an article on their website regarding last week’s football game between Gardena Serra and St. Francis. While some of the article was dedicated to game analysis, the main topic was the head coaches on both sides apologizing for mistakes they had made during and after the game. The article itself was fair, accurate, and not extremely upsetting.
The comments posted online after the article was published, however, were embarrassing to the schools, the football teams, and all those involved which the athletic programs.
A few of the commentators revealed themselves as parents of football players, something both surprising and extremely disappointing to me. Never have I been so ashamed of parental involvement in high-school sports. Many of the comments were racist, hurtful, and did not reflect the moral values of a Catholic high school. Looking through the 51 comments (as of October 22nd) I can find no trace of the Christian values of forgiveness and understanding.
It’s okay to be upset over a late hit. Both coaching staffs got heated in performing what should be their number one priority: protecting their players and students. Coach Jim Bonds made a regrettable comment that he later apologized for; nothing more can be asked of him. It’s understandable for coaches and players to become upset with the progression of a game because their livelihood is dependent on the health and the integrity of the sport. Football is more than a game to those involved in its production, but nevertheless it should be just a game to its fans.
It is not okay to hurl racial epithets at anyone. It is not okay to make hurtful generalizations to express frustration. The Serra game was only a game. We should thank God no one was seriously hurt, walk away, and learn from our mistakes. I look forward to following the St. Francis football season from the role I belong: as a fan.