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A Perfect 6 for the Knights

posted Oct 21, 2011, 9:48 PM by Golden Knight   [ updated Oct 21, 2011, 9:48 PM ]
By Tyler Marona


Although the Knights have been far from perfect in the six wins the Knights have produced, they have something that even the most casual fan can see: Chemistry. Not the AP class that few and far between football players take, but a bond that all the members of the team share and strive in. A senior dominated team has seen the best and worst times in the St. Francis football program; from the glamorous name of Dietrich Riley to a couple 6-5 records that many on the team will recall as woeful. What the seniors seem to enjoy more than anything is giving all the fans a near heart attack in every game.

Last Friday, the Knights gave the crowd their money’s worth with a 23-20 victory over Harvard-Westlake, a much improved team from the 2010 campaign. Propelled by heart and pride and a total team effort, the Knights’ sixth victory was topped off by the golden boot of Billy McCreary. With only eight seconds left on the clock, the young man with the bionic leg launched the ball destined for the winning field goal. This accounts for McCreary’s second moment of glory. “You guys gotta make it easier on the ticker for me” Coach Jim Bonds said after the game. The Knights all agreed that the narrow margin was too close yet encouraging that the Knights did not play their best football yet remain victorious. Being 6-0 at this point in the season has not been seen for many years and the Knights desperately want to keep the zero and the right side of the record.

Today, the Knights will take their first trip down to Gardena where they will oppose the league Rival Serra High School. Bad memories run deep with this team after one year of league play with them. A horrible outing for the Knights resulted in a 41-14 loss; leaving the game, everyone had mixed emotions. However, the team feels a change in the winds this year. Travis Talianko, San Jose St. commit, has few memories of the team from a year ago. “I have a huge chip on my shoulder this year especially since I got knocked out of the game with a late hit, I want to prove how much our experience as a team has developed with our team being mainly returning starters.” Talianko got hit very late on a play in the end of the fourth quarter of last year’s contest.

 The mission league poses to be a tough obstacle to be overcome by the Knights. “We have been winning games without even playing our best football, there is just a great vibe” Talianko says. Among the talent there are some misfortunes. The two season ending injuries in Parker Nieves and Griffin Longo both out for the season, leaves very dynamic player on the shelf. The team has shown character that few teams across the nation could provide. Nonetheless after a teammate goes down, the Knights play harder and now have an incredible opportunity to win Mission league for the first time in over ten years. Undeniably the Knights play with heart, and no one that comes into the path of the Knights will ever be able to rob them of their spirit.

 When it's game time and the lights are on, the Knights have a pride in which everyone feeds off of and takes with them everywhere. The Knights have battled through long winter mornings to get to where they are now. Undefeated yes, challenged yes, thus the Knights carry their pride with them through the halls of school. It is felt in their attitude; no one is over confident, yet everyone is completely prepared. A title would mean everything and more to this Golden Knights team. And they have never had a better chance to obtain it.