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The Halftime Show

posted Mar 25, 2011, 10:13 PM by Golden Knight
In a move that should have been executed years ago, the Super Bowl officials finally invited the Black Eyed Peas to entertain for the halftime show. After years of snooze-worthy classic rock (minus Bruce Springsteen, who was phenomenal) they finally wised up and brought in a group with energy.

Although it’s hard to think of an act more fitting to the Super Bowl than the Peas, they were better than previous years, but completely underwhelming. All of the costumes, except for Fergie’s, were cheesy and the vocals robotic. The addition of Slash was not necessary, though I was pleasantly surprised by Usher descending from the scoreboard.

The dancing box-heads at the end were fun, but overall, they could have done better. Let’s just hope they don’t revert back to fifty year olds with guitars.