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A Movie You Must Watch: Alien

posted Mar 25, 2011, 7:33 PM by Golden Knight

By Sean McCreary


On Halloween, Americans across the nation indulged in all things scary, gory, and horrifying.  We love to sit on our couches and cringe at the terrifying images of horror icons like Michael Myers and Freddie Kreuger, but in my opinion, only one film invokes the true instinct of fear. 

That masterpiece is director Ridley Scott’s Alien, which succeeds simply in condensing the raw emotion of fear into a two hour thrill ride.  Set in the kind of future that has been frequently interpreted by countless other film visionaries, giant mega-corporations rule space and seek only to exploit anything it offers.  A small team of interstellar ore-haulers are awakened from their cryo-sleep because the computer has discovered a radio signal, and they are under orders to investigate any alien activity they find. 

Events begin to take a turn for the horrific, however, when the infamous face hugger engages in its unusual form of reproduction.  The iconic chest-buster scene is where the fear truly begins, and the actors appear extremely terrified because they truly are (Scott did not tell them that fake blood would shoot out of the chest).  As the crew splits up to search for the mysterious beast, they succumb one by one to its dripping maw while descending further and further into their depths of instinctive fear. 

Fear is the product of the basic fight-or-flight instinct, and running away through the confines of a spaceship can only take you back to where you started.  Weaver and the rest of the cast are perfect in their depiction of their struggle for life, but H.R. Giger’s mysteriously horrifying alien is the true star.  Although it is never seen in its entirety, it manages to be everywhere and nowhere at once, foiling all of the crew’s efforts to stop it. 

To see this brilliant manifestation of every nightmare you have ever had is reason enough to see Alien, but the enchanting universe is equally effective at drawing the viewer and forcing them not to look away.  I cannot describe the feeling of sheer terror that Alien evokes, and this is the one scary movie that you simply must see for yourself.