How it Began

The Saint Francis High School Online Student Newspaper was born out of my desire to get into college.

At the beginning of my junior year, I developed an interest in journalism. I have always enjoyed reading newspapers, magazines, and local periodicals, and during my high school years I discovered that I enjoy writing about events that have already taken place. However, when tour guides and college interviewers would ask this question…

“Do you write for your school’s newspaper?”

…my answer would always be the same:

“No, my school does not have a newspaper.”

Frustrated with this answer, my mother pushed me to take initiative and create one (it’s remarkable how wonderful mothers can be). I recruited the help of a few good friends, and after a year before realizing that we had no idea what we were doing, a summer journalism program I attended before the beginning of my senior year finally gave me the tools we needed to launch.

A few teachers have told me about past endeavors by the school to create a lasting newspaper, but all of them came to a dull and swift conclusion. Seven months, 3,000 hits, and nearly 100 articles later, we have evolved from a humble blog to a respectable website, and we hope the tradition of journalistic brilliance and creative freedom will continue beyond the few weeks most of us on the staff have left in high school.

Thank you to all of those who helped me with this process, including Mr. Barrero, Tim Riley, Janet Kolodzy, my parents, Mitchell Reslock, Alex Sercel, Cody Wirosko, Antonio Canzona, Mr. Brang, Ms. Gunter, and the fine folks at WordPress.

Peace, Love, and Music,

Christian Romo and the 2010-2011 Knight Life Staff