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Troubadour: Why Francis? Why Now?

posted Mar 25, 2011, 7:12 PM by Golden Knight

By Julian Vischer


Because the world needs him. One message that I found particularly interesting in Troubadour was how hard Francis fought to keep his order in complete poverty. I was thinking to myself the other day if I should just drop everything and devote my entire life to other people. I could quit St. Francis High School and give my tuition to people who really need it. I could devote all my time to building houses for the homeless, all my possessions for those who have none, and my entire life to those who would otherwise have a painful and unhappy one.

I thought about this for a while. However, I finally came to my conclusion: I’m not St. Francis. I don’t have the strength or discipline to do what he did and I truly do not believe that poverty is the journey that God has set for me. However, I am a follower of Francis. Although I may not be able to give away all I have, I know that it is my duty and responsibility to do whatever I can to help others. Sometimes I feel guilty that I have nice things like a house and a computer while others have none, but I know that I will do what I can to help others. Maybe poverty is a metaphor more than a real way of life for followers of Francis. For normal people like me maybe it just means to sacrifice and do what we can to be happy while giving off all the joy we can to other people.

 In our modern, materialized, egotistical world, Francis’s ideals of poverty and simplicity have been lost in the wave of change. His ideas, though simple and filled with bliss, are considered a vast deviance from our normal way of life.

The world needs St. Francis now more than ever. In this day and age families are falling apart at an alarming rate, greed and cutthroat competition have completely absorbed people, and most of the fortunate people in the world are completely indifferent to those less fortunate. We need a return to normalcy, a return to values and role models, and a return to the simplicity of St. Francis. I thank God every day that I go to a school that teaches me such maturing values and I am so happy that the school chose to do Troubadour as this year’s fall musical. Hopefully it will continue to spread the word of Francis and help mend this broken world of avarice that we live in.