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The Activities of Homecoming Week

posted Mar 25, 2011, 7:09 PM by Golden Knight   [ updated May 17, 2011, 7:40 PM ]

By Timothy Nguyen


The homecoming dance is coming up on November 6th. Last week was full of activities to bring some much needed spirit to start off the formal dance event. Here are the activities that took place this past week.


Dodge Ball

Monday was the dodge ball game. The game took place in the gym, with twelve seniors facing three students from each underclass and three teachers. The senior class had a devastating roster, with such cannons as J.P. Nolan and Brett Nelson stepping up to the challenge. The teachers on the other team gave the underclassmen a balance, with Mr. Magluyan, Mr. Payaslian, and Mr. Godson picking up the pieces. Despite an MVP effort by Mr. Magluyan, the seniors came out on top.



The next day included jousting. The jousting event was open to anyone who wanted to participate. Two students would be facing each other in a blown-up arena. Each student would wear head gear and wield a big cushioned jousting stick and try to knock each other off the pedestal that they were standing on. There were a few blow-out wins and good fights. The joust of the day happened when Andres Cabral, a senior, faced off against Blake Dawn, another senior. While jousting, Blake was leaning toward Andres, and in an illegal attempt, pushed Andres of his platform. Andres’s momentum threw him out of the arena. Luckily, he was not injured.


Obstacle Course

The obstacle course competition took place Wednesday. It was inflated and set on the blacktop outside of the gym. It was a basic obstacle course, with two entrances and a bunch of structures getting in the way. Some students who battled it out during the jousting event also went up against each other in the obstacle course. Senior Chris Norhadian, who lost to senior Kyle Medina the previous day in the jousting competition, was able to beat Kyle in the obstacle course and tie up their competition.


Tug of War

The tug-of-war took place on Thursday in the gym. The rules were that there would be six players representing each class. Each team had to have a combined weight of less than 1000 pounds. The senior team consisted of football players Kenny Leavens, Keith Enterante, Andy Fujimoto, Michael Melnick, Andrew Quintero, and other strong man David Hubinger. The final match was the seniors versus the juniors. It was a heated match, with both sides completely even. As lunch was drawing to a close, out of senior spirit, all the seniors in attendance jumped down to help their team out, which ended in victory for the seniors. It was a completely fair and honest match.


Slurpee Contest

The last event was the Friday Slurpee contest. One student from each class and one faculty member would race to see who would consume their entire Slurpee first. A kid named Jaime represented the freshmen class, Jordan Lynch for the sophomores, Kibby Gosnel for the juniors, Andres Cabral for the seniors, and Mr. Durfee for the faculty. The contest went on its way and it was a tough battle for all the contestants. Mr. Durfee was thought to be the winner, but he just tossed some of his Slurpee out while no one was looking. Despite the best stalling efforts by emcee Manny Ocana, defending champion Kibby was declared the winner.