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An Interview with Nick Bruno

posted Apr 21, 2011, 8:10 PM by Unknown user
By the Knight Life Staff

Knight Life caught up with the star of Beauty and the Beast, Nick Bruno, to ask him a few questions about his role, his life at St. Francis theatre, and about an argument we on the staff have to settle.

KL: You and Andrew Pilmer were also the lead actors for the fall production Troubadour. In Beauty and the Beast, you two have switched roles of the good guy and bad guy. Which do you prefer to play?

NB: Hard to say, especially since the Beast has a little bad in him. I would certainly say it’s easier to play the bad guy, only because it gives me the opportunity to yell and release my frustrations. But the good guy always gets the girl in the end, so it’s hard to say.

KL: For those who purchased a Troubadour t-shirt, they also purchased the privilege of wearing Andrew’s face on their chest. Are you disappointed you didn’t get a face shirt?

NB: No, Mr. Eulalia actually approached me with the idea to put the poster image on the shirt. I decided to just go with the platter with no faces on our chests. It gives us freedom and it just makes more sense to me.

KL: I need to settle an argument with a couple of friends. Who would win in a fight, the Empire State Building or the Titanic, if both were Transformers?

NB: That’s actually quite easy to answer: the Empire State Building would win. The steel of the Titanic actually had traces of sulfur, making it susceptible to icebergs, and I presume it would be easily defeatable.

KL: Do you have a dream role?

NB: Not really. If I had to play anyone, it would be Roger from Rent, only because the lessons he learns are applicable to everyone.

KL: What has been your favorite role in all the productions you have been in at St. Francis?

NB: I would have to say the baker from Into the Woods. For a guy who gets nervous on stage, I’ve had to stray from my comfort zone so many times, but the baker was so meek and withdrawn that I had a lot of fun playing him.