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Some Thoughts: Save Your Breath

posted Mar 29, 2011, 8:20 PM by Golden Knight
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By Robbie Farewell


In today’s busy climate it is hard to find moments of peace and self reflection. Not necessarily reflections pertaining to depressing and abnormal thoughts, but finding time to think about the past for instance is a challenge. Due to the latest commitment or other obligation, seldom do we find ourselves alone and isolated.

Many people overlook the opportunity regarding the means of public transportation. These could be the best times to find oneself or just have some moments of peace and meditation. Simply tuning in to your favorite Bob Dylan album or even Taylor Swift if it floats your boat can always make a substantial impact.

On most occasions of traveling, we are still surrounded by people. Being around and talking to others for hours on end can get mentally fatiguing for me, but some people can get never enough. Often times they will force a conversation on some random stranger. To me these conversations are never consensual. While one struggles to leave the other searches for desperate conversation such as latest movie or how their nephew just graduated. Especially for airplanes, being 6′-2″ I’m already uncomfortable as it is and giving me the ballad of your life just exacerbates my frustration.  I wish I could be honest with them: nobody cares.

Time alone and time to think for most people is healthy. Considering the busy schedules we all partake in we should take advantage of every chance we have to be isolated for once and have moments to think and relax. So, if there is anything to take out of this article, it is to open yourself to opportunities meditation and peace. Finally, for those annoying neighbors, save your breath for someone who cares.