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Some Thoughts: Racing to the Finish Line

posted Mar 29, 2011, 8:25 PM by Golden Knight

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by Chris Ferro


“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” ~Confucius

The end is near. Off in the horizon, a new destination awaits. All of the struggle, perseverance and growth obtained during the past four years is about to yield its reward. That final push, that final inch is only a few months away. You are about to become free.

These thoughts can be applied to any high school senior right about now. It is the second semester and college is looming large. A mixed sense of excitement and apprehension fills those who will soon embark on the journey. Time needs to tick a little faster. Forget smelling the roses, there’s more mystery and adventure up ahead.

Impatience is common in modern-day society. Technological advancements have reinforced the idea of instant gratification. From e-mails to Facebook statuses, people have been able to spread their ideas in a timely fashion. Now, I am a computer aficionado as much as the next person, but the root of humanity rests in the heart. Its pulse provides comfort. Its beat reminds an individual of the steady tempo of life: that nature is not based off of CPUs or Google Images. Regardless of any human activities, nature remains fixed. Out of an innumerable amount of variables it is the one constant.

In my dealings with life, I have always taken my time. This has ranged from being the last to finish dinner to taking the longest showers. People have often criticized me for being the slowest and most lethargic to complete a task, but there is an interesting quirk to time that many do not recognize. If it is treated as a friend and not as an enemy, life becomes bearable. In these endless epochs of days, weeks, months and years a second is still meaningful. The second should not be wasted but rather embraced, even if that means slowing down to see its beauty.

The race to the finish line can be agonizing, but it is the final half-mile which really separates the weak from the chaff. Instead of treating the race as a transition, we see it as an opportunity to develop for the future—the more significant race where the winner is not decided by speed but by wisdom. There is no forest without the trees. Every rose has its thorn and a pilgrimage comprises of human experiences. If haste precedes contemplation, then the subtleties of life are forgotten. Enjoy every moment, because it could be the last.