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Movie Review: Jackass 3-D, Exit Through the Gift Shop

posted Mar 27, 2011, 11:11 AM by Golden Knight   [ updated Mar 29, 2011, 2:26 PM ]

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By Timothy Nguyen and Julian Vischer


Having been busy with many activities, I haven’t had the chance to go to a movie theater in a while. The last movie I had seen in theaters was “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”, which I really enjoyed, but was disappointed by its overall gross at the box office. Here are reviews of a couple movies I have seen recently.
 “Jackass 3-D” is the third movie in the “Jackass” series and it truly delivers on the laughs, gags, and cringes that had made the franchise so popular on MTV. The 3-D adds to the latest versions appeal. Johnny Knoxville returns as the leader of the group, with Steve-O, Bam Margera, Wee Man and several other bored, middle aged pranksters. The stunts they perform are as innovative as they are disgusting and dangerous. These guys don’t feel so invincible anymore but still know what they are getting themselves into. What they do is crazy, but you can sense that it’s all in good fun. You can feel the bond they have with one another and you root for them as the go through their stunts safely. This movie isn’t a classic, and should never be treated as such. It is a “have fun with your friends” movie, so head into the theater, take your seats, and get ready to bust a gut. B

Photo Courtesy: Paramount

The film “Exit Through the Gift Shop” is a pseudo-documentary of the life of street artist Thierry Guetta. Guetta is a French immigrant who lives in Los Angeles, making a living through a small clothing store. Guetta films every moment of his life with his video camera. After a run-in with his cousin, known as Space Invader, Guetta becomes heavily influenced in the world of street art. His obsession grows to the point that he begins to follow and work with other big named street artists, all while pursuing his biggest dream, working with the world famous English street artist Banksy. He gets his chance through sheer luck and from then on, his life takes a different turn, ultimately leading to a kind of love and obsession with street art that develops into madness. The film is truly fascinating in the sense of Guetta’s life and his connection to so many great street artists. It is a funny film, with Banksy’s commentary and Guetta’s cartoony character, but outstanding in the sense that we can learn so much from an artist with no identity. A-