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Golden Knights Stay Strong but Fall Short

posted Mar 29, 2011, 7:35 PM by Golden Knight   [ updated Mar 29, 2011, 7:40 PM ]

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By Christian Romo


St. Francis                            25

Dominguez Hills                28

Photo Courtesy: Brandon Keenan

The 2010 St. Francis football season ended Friday night at Dominguez Hills High School. A last minute push by the Golden Knights fell short of capping off a dramatic game-long comeback.

If the outcome had been different, I would have delved into the size and speed advantages of the Dons or laud over the grit and determination of the Golden Knights. Only one thing needs to be known, however: the Knights were good, but the Dons were better.

An analysis of the game isn’t necessary, especially since I have more important things to say about this season. This varsity team achieved so much more than their 6-5 record shows. Their admirable effort with their backs up against the wall multiple times this season should be praised more than any victory achieved. This season has made a fan out of me.

I am a fan of Coach Jim Bonds. He isn’t a man who commands respect but earns it from each and every one of his players. There are many admirable teachers, workers, and men on campus, but I have heard so few of them being referred to as a “father figure” or “mentor” as Coach Bonds has. He understands football inside and out but also takes the time to get to know and protect his players. When he tells his team that everything they do is to glorify God and the greatest game ever invented, I have no reason not to believe him.

I am a Brett Nelson fan. I am an Ian Sternau fan. I am a fan of Brian Basic, Keith Enterante, Julian Vischer, Andrew Quintero, and if I had the space I would list out every senior who dressed up Friday night for the last time in a high-school uniform. For the longest time I disliked football players for their size, cockiness, and carefree attitudes, but this senior class is truly different. I am proud to say that I walked the sidelines and hallways with a group of talented and respectable young men and it is an honor to call them my classmates.

Lastly, but probably most importantly, I am now a fan of football. I have always enjoyed the game, but scandals involving greed and corruption at the college level and the corporate monster that is the NFL had turned me off to America’s most popular sport. I have since had a change of heart. When I see the Golden Knights take the field, I see players playing simply because they love the game. I see athletes hitting each other to protect the teammates they call brothers. I feel a sense of passion, community, joy, and pride like no other from these players when they play under the lights. So much effort goes into making sure a season of football is played, but it is done because we take so much more out of it.

For many seniors, Friday night was the final game of organized football they are ever going to play. For me, it might have been the last football game I’ll ever watch at St. Francis. I bid good luck to all those who will play in college next year and to next year’s varsity team, who has some enormous shoes to fill. This year’s team may have not reached its goal, but I applaud them anyway for bringing the spirit and respect this program has. The last couple years have been fun and we’ll always have the memories. But most importantly, we beat Loyola. Go Knights.