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Beauty and the Beast Prep: Hour by Hour

posted Apr 21, 2011, 8:06 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 24, 2011, 1:00 PM by Golden Knight ]
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By Christian Romo

For those fortunate enough not to attend class during G period, the time spent at school for an actor during a production date is greater than the time spent at school during a normal day of class. Here is a recorded journal of my hours before and after the show on Friday, March 15th.

7:50: I arrive at school when a good friend and theatre mate invites me to Rocky Cola Café after tonight’s night’s show. Normally I head straight to bed after a tiring night of performing, but upon hearing that the Denny’s people are going to be there, I accept the offer before trudging off to homeroom

8:05: Scenes from one of last week’s show are shown on KNIT. I come to the realization that the only time I have seen myself on KNIT is during production week when I am in the background of clips from the show.

8:25: To everyone’s relief, Steve Shushnar (Lumiere) shows up to class and tells the story about his weeklong battle with sickness. 

1:20: It happens to be a Friday schedule, so after I collected my books I gave my good mooching friend a ride to his home in Tujunga.

2:05: I get back from Tujunga and park under some tree in residential La Canada. Keeping in tune with my ritual, I take a 45 minute nap in my car while listening to Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks on my iPod.

3:05: Choosing not to ignore homework completely, I arrive on campus once again and read a few chapters of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. It’s quite a good book, so far, but I am in a rush to finish it before my essay next week.

3:45: I change into my costume generally before everyone else. Setting my props and changing into costume has become a fifteen minute affair, and currently I am wearing three pairs of socks that will stay on my legs until the show ends.

4:00: Needing to kill some time, I plug my iPod in Alex Sercel’s amplifier and play some Wilco. I chill on the steps in the hallway next to the stage (our dressing room, as it turns out) with Joshua Alarcon, the beastiest person you will ever meet.

4:15: The girls attempt a weak prank by offering the boys Oreos filled with toothpaste. I accepted the Oreo but tossed it when I smelled a hint of mint. The prank is harmless but the boys plan a massive retaliation.

4:30: It’s time to put on my makeup. All cast members must wear it. My regiment includes a base, blush, powder, and a sealant that tastes like Listerine to reduce sweat. I am pardoned from applying eyeliner, thank goodness.

4:45: Emma Camp officially apologizes to me and Josh for the fluoride-laced cookies.

4:52: I challenge Chantelle Chicon to pull off less pansy pranks. She enacts the silent treatment, which lasts until dinnertime.

5:00: Dinnertime! One of the many perks of being in theatre is the catering during production week. We have vegetarian pasta and cake before we make our final preparations.

5:25: I decide to have some alone time on the balcony next to the chapel.

5:45: One final check to make sure all my props and costumes are in order.

6:00: Company call in the music room.

The next hour is omitted to ensure the sacredness of the hour leading up to a production.

7:00: Showtime!

10:00: The show has ended, we have taken our final bows and dressed into our street clothes. We make one final appearance to a raucous crowd outside of the theatre and I meet two good friends who came to see me that night.

10:30: We arrive at Rocky Cola. I was one of the first ones present, but slowly the rest of the cast trickles in and we eventually fill up the back room with over 60 people and loud chatter. I reminisce with some friends over a waffle sundae (which I couldn’t finish).

12:05: Realizing I would be performing in a show later that day, I call it a night, say goodnight to everyone at the restaurant, and head home.